Better solar, better batteries, better energy

Never pay another expensive electricity bill

Better solar, better batteries, better energy

Never pay another expensive electricity bill

Take control of your electricity bills

With the right B.Solar system you can lower your electricity bills to $0 and be energy independent.

Curious to see what solar panels can look like on your roof? We can quickly design and email you a rooftop solar panel preview. It’s fast and free.

B.Solar Savings

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Curious to see what solar panels look like on your roof?

Worry-free solar

Most homeowners worry about rising electricity bills so we create custom solar plans to ensure you never face outrageous bills ever again.

Moving to solar power can be stressful. There’s a lot of information, a lot of aggressive salespeople pressuring you to buy. It can feel like you’re being pushed around.

At B.Solar we take a different, kinder approach. We take the time to understand your short-term and long-term energy needs. Solar isn’t for everyone. There’s isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

You have different needs than your friends and neighbours.

We listen carefully to show you how solar can have a positive impact on your home and your life. And our environment.

Your custom solar plan will help you take advantage of our industry-leading Tier 1 panels, inverters and batteries. All backed by longer warranties and our exclusive free 1/3/9 yearly checkups.

We secure government rebates and incentives on your behalf to make your solar system as affordable as possible. We arrange all the permits and paperwork. Even working with your energy provider to make your transition to solar quick and easy.

Guaranteed savings can pay for your B.Solar System faster than you think. With feed in tariffs, it can even make you money and put cash in your pocket.

It’s never been easier to take control of your electricity bills with brighter, better solar for you and your family.

Step 1.

Our B.Solar Advisor answers any questions and explains how our simple systems work.

Step 2.

We’ll create a custom B.Solar Plan for you and your home over the phone.

Step 3.

We’ll organise your B.Solar System installation, and full connection within two weeks.


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World-class trusted brands

We independently audit every supplier to ensure we have complete confidence in the quality of solar products and components we source and stock.

That’s why people trust B.Solar throughout Australia.​

The latest advances in solar efficiency from the world’s leading producers.

All our solar products are from trusted manufacturers producing high-quality components with a high degree of technical consistency.

Premium quality products with installation service to match. Confidence is key and why we only use products we stand by





Avoid disappointment

Complaints about the solar industry doubled in the last year.

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator inspections of residential solar installations show about 16% are underperforming or not configured correctly. Many systems are unsafe.

Without trusted advice, investing in solar can be daunting and confusing. Poor designs, unreliable products and shorter warranties are just some of the warning signs.

Beware of hard-to-believe offers and pushy sales. Choosing a solar system on price alone is a recipe for disaster.

Better solar and better batteries

With B.Solar, you no longer have to fret and worry about rising electricity bills.

Our custom solar plans and expert accredited installations put you and your family first with a quality system designed to maximise savings and energy.

Backed by longer warranties and ongoing service for peace of mind.

Our guaranteed savings assure you pay the lowest price for leading Tier 1 panels, inverters and batteries. Without any nasty surprises or extra costs on installation day.

Your B.Solar Advisor will help you make the switch to brighter, better solar as stress-free and easy as possible.