May 28, 2020

4 ways to monitor your solar inverter

Long gone are the days when you had to clamber onto your roof to see whether your solar system was still working.

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Use technology to monitor your solar performance.

Thanks to technology, rooftop solar performance can be regularly monitored online.

Technology makes it easy to access live updates, get technical and performance information, identify problems, get alerts, see consumption data and more.

Some solar monitoring systems will even give consumers advice about the best time during the day to run appliances, so households can further reduce their dependency on grid electricity.

Smartphone app

Nothing beats the convenience of a smartphone app. Most solar inverters enable Bluetooth integration. Just connect your smartphone to your solar inverter to see data when you’re on the run. Imagine being able to monitor your solar system from anywhere you can access the Internet.

Internet-based monitoring

If you’re avoiding clutter on your smartphone, you might be able to access your performance data by logging onto the Internet. Some solar inverters send information via a router to an online portal where you can easily access it. Just like the smartphone app, if you are away from home, you can still remotely see what’s happening.

Direct PC connection

If you’re likely to access system data from home, the direct PC connection might be the option that works best for you.

Some solar inverters connect to a PC via Bluetooth or a CAT5 cable, which feeds the data into a PC in your home. Just download the free monitoring software from the inverter’s manufacturer website and you’re good to go.

Read the inverter display unit

Less convenient, but still effective, is the homeowner collecting the information from the inverter itself.

Much like stepping outside to read your smart meter, a homeowner can physically gather information that is displayed on the front of the display unit. This data can be collected either via Bluetooth or using a CAT5 cable.



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