If you’re one of the 8 million passengers that annually travel to and from Adelaide’s airport, you’ll be able to breathe easier.

In a deal between Adelaide Airport and Skybus, from early 2021, South Australia will be the first Australian state to have its entire airport bus fleet turn 100% electric, thus reducing greenhouse emissions and fumes.

The fleet upgrade, which affects both on and off-tarmac buses, will be undertaken by Adelaide-based Precision buses, providing an economic boost to the local SA economy.
Adam Begg, co-chief executive officer of SkyBus owner Kinetic, said in a statement that SkyBus is delighted to partner with Adelaide Airport.

“SkyBus has a long and successful track record partnering with major airports across Australasia to deliver market leading transit options and we are excited about Adelaide Airport’s appetite for innovation and what will be an exciting future for the airport,” Begg says.

Adelaide Airport joins a number of capital city airports in Australia that include electric buses in their fleets, including Brisbane and Sydney.

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