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Reliable No-Fuss Solar Panel Installation in Adelaide

B.Solar provides Adelaide households with efficient solar system installations that future-proof your home and yield a substantial return on your investment.

We serve as a stress-free end-to-end solution for your entire transition to solar energy; from the initial consultation right through to installation. We’ll even help you find out whether you’re eligible for the South Australia solar battery rebate, which makes switching even easier.

B.Solar adopts a customer-focused approach, where we work closely alongside you to find the ideal Solar System & Battery configuration to accommodate your property, as well as your budget and energy usage.

Rest assured, our friendly team of professionals is passionate about helping you equip your home (or commercial property) with a convenient, reliable and sustainable energy source.


Adelaide solar system installations are a breeze, with B.Solar

With government rebates and our own solar finance solutions at your disposal, it’s never been easier and more affordable to convert your household to solar energy. Our team is available to go through numerous options and avenues with you, while our highly qualified and CEC-accredited Solar System installers take the headache out of the installation process.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading products from reputable suppliers, B.Solar will fit out your property with an exceptional Solar System that will consistently power your home 24/7, rain, hail or shine.

We have carried out thousands of solar panel and solar battery installations right across Adelaide, always with outstanding results. From innovative inverters and efficient panels to reliable battery storage; B.Solar only partners with the industry’s best manufacturers.


Why choose Solar System installation in Adelaide?

Whether you’re situated in central Adelaide or regional South Australia, there is a whole host of benefits to having a self-sufficient Solar System installed in your home.

  • Your energy bills will be cheaper
  • Home Solar Systems require very little ongoing maintenance
  • You are powering your home with a renewable and environmentally-friendly source of energy
  • Using solar energy guarantees a long-term return on investment

It’s for these key reasons (and numerous more) that over 2 million Australian homes have switched to solar energy in recent years.


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