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Power your home with solar storage.


LG Chem

Sungrow Samsung SDI

Energy Storage.

Energy Solutions.

For when the sun doesn’t shine. High performance, latest technology batteries keeping your household running all day long.

REACT 2 is a photovoltaic energy storage system, allowing to store excess energy and optimize the energy use in residential applications helping customers to generate and use energy efficiently.

React 2 Solar Inverter PV + Storage.
5kW Hybrid String Inverter – REACT 2-3.6/5.0-TL
React Li-lon battery unit for energy storage (4kWh – 12 kWh)
Future proof your home.

LG’s philosophy revolves around the fundamentals of quality. It offers optimum solutions in solar battery innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives.

RESU13 Battery

13kW High Voltage Battery.
10 Years Warranty.
Pairs with Huawei 5kW – SUN2000L-5KTL

Reliable and quality built, Sungrow offers Australian households a cost effective and highly sought after brand for their homes. Installed all over the world and well suited to Australian conditions.

Powcube 4.8

Sungrow SH5K Hybrid inverter.
Up to 3 x SPB4K8 battery units, developed as part of a joint venture
between Sungrow and battery manufacturer Samsung SDI.