July 27, 2021

What are the best solar panels?

Helpful tips on how to select the best solar panels for your solar system.

Leading solar panels on an Australian roof.

Better quality solar panels produce better solar energy.

If you’re searching ‘what are the best solar panels’ online, chances are you’re already aware of the numerous benefits of switching to solar energy.

But asking which solar panels are the best is like asking which car is the best.

While there are some obvious benefits and functions any decent solar panel should have, there are also many variables that simply come down to preference, application, budget and other factors.

There are four renowned solar panel manufacturers that are highly regarded by industry experts as being at the forefront of innovative solar panel technology.


Having only entered the Australian market in 2017, Longi quickly became a top seller right across the country.

Their monocrystalline (silicon) solar cells are exceptionally well-made and are being embraced all over the world.

Longi has been producing these state-of-the-art panels for far longer than any other business in the industry while consistently maintaining an impeccable level of efficiency that maximises solar input.

LONGi solar panels are extremely well-priced for the quality they deliver and come with a 25-year performance warranty for your peace of mind.


Founded in 2006, Jinko became the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer within a decade.

Investing a huge amount of resources into research and development, this China-based manufacturer carries out meticulous performance testing, quality control and durability testing on every new solar panel added to its collection.

Having previously relied on traditional solar panel cell designs like P-type PERC and half-cut cells, in recent years Jinko has adopted a more innovative approach to efficiency-driven solar panels.


South Korea-based Hyundai has nearly 20 years experience pushing the boundaries of solar panel technology.

Every new solar panel is purpose-designed to be highly resistant to salt erosion, mist and other forms of contaminants. This ensures optimal durability and high performance with longevity.

Hyundai rigorously tests its panels in UL and VDE-accredited labs to ensure 100 percent quality, which is perhaps why every solar panel installation comes with both a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power output warranty.

While Hyundai solar panels present a varied price range depending on the model, they tend to be slightly more expensive than other panels but for good reason.

With Hyundai, you’ll never need to worry about reduced performance on hot days, as every panel is temperature coefficient – a wise choice for anyone living in the Australian climate.


Not only is Talesun a consistent top performer in numerous PV Evolution Lab annual tests, but it’s been in Bloomberg’s Top 10 Tier 1 since 2016. That’s a remarkable achievement and a testament to the quality of its solar panels and other photovoltaic products.

Talesun is also one of very few Chinese businesses to receive VDE certification in the photovoltaic industry, in addition to the China Photovoltaic Top Runner Award.

It’s no wonder that Talesun solar panels are remarkably efficient and highly durable.

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