CarbonTrack helps control energy use, cut costs and reduce reliance on traditional energy companies.

CarbonTrack empowers energy consumers. 

CarbonTrack was one Australia’s first real-time energy monitoring developers.

B.Solar chose CarbonTrack because of their leading experience in energy telemetry and advanced software engineering.

Behind the meter visibility provides instant and constant access to all energy use in any independent or networked energy system. Control capabilities create smarter, more energy-efficient homes and buildings.

Intelligent dashboard and app

Easy to access data to swiftly view and analyse energy profiles and use.

Control smart devices and connected circuits with the click of a button.

Automatic savings

Monitor and control energy use. Understand unique usage patterns and  act immediately to save electricity. Optimises solar self-consumption and gain pre-emptive alerts of system faults.

All through a simple-to-use, intuitive app on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Set control preferences to automate monitoring and savings.

Manage and reduce energy bills

See when and how appliances are using to make more energy-efficient choices.

Schedule loads to take advantage of best time-of-use rates.

Optimise solar and batteries

See what solar is being produced and how much is being used.

Receive pre-emptive alerts for system faults or drops in efficiency. Recharge batteries from the cheapest source of energy and control how batteries are used.

Maximise solar self-consumption

Solar energy is best used when it’s produced.

CarbonTRACK can schedule usage when solar is available and use the excess to charge a battery or export to the grid.

Future energy markets

CarbonTRACK’s intelligence and coordinated response capability allows energy to be shared across communities.

From smart buildings to smart grids, CarbonTRACK helps shape the future of energy, including embedded networks, demand response initiatives and Virtual Power Plants (VPP).

Local support

CarbonTrack is based in Australia with a world-leading development, technical and support team.

Decentralised energy solutions are bringing solar into the hands of everyone.


B.Solar Advisor

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