B.Solar Free Yearly Checkups

When you buy a B.Solar system we check to make sure it’s delivering maximum energy and savings to you and your family.

Checking your solar system for safety and performance will give you peace of mind.

At B.Solar we undertake a full remote audit and checkup of your B.Solar system after 1, 3 and 9 years. If there are any safety and performance issues during these checkups, we’ll notify you immediately with simple steps to rectify.

We want you to get the best out of your system. These remote audits and checkups are free of charge.

Optimising efficiency

Even the best solar panels can lose between 15-25 percent of their efficiency if not cleaned and maintained properly.

An annual maintenance program can assure optimum performance. Clean debris from under or around the array and cabling. Remove any build up of dust, grime and bird droppings. Check all wiring.

Maximising investment

A proper maintenance program combined with our free yearly checkups extends the life of your solar system.

Proper maintenance protects your warranties, maximises your system and saves you money.

B.Solar Advisor

Like to know about our free yearly checkups? Your B.Solar Advisor can help. Book phone consultation


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