Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council represent Australia’s leading renewable energy providers and solar installers to accelerate the development of clean energy in Australia.

As a not-for-profit, they support the transformation of Australia’s energy system to one that’s smarter and cleaner.

They develop and drive effective policy and advocacy, working closely with local, state and federal governments to increase demand for clean energy products.

They also raise standards and maintain integrity in the industry. Through approving and accrediting solar retailers and installers across Australia, maintaining lists of approved modules, inverters and battery storage products, developing guidelines and having input into the development of Australian Standards.

They further provide guides and information for homeowners to help in their decision to purchase solar and battery storage systems.

Clean Energy Council Member and Approved Solar Retailer

As a Clean Energy Council Member and Approved Solar Retailer, B.Solar is committed to a code of conduct for better quality and service.

Authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the code lifts the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and assures a better standard of service in the solar industry.


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