B.Solar Covid 19

We follow all government guidelines as well as policies provided by federal, state and local health authorities.

As part of the Australian energy industry we’re deemed an essential service by federal and state governments.

We’re actively monitoring the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and continue working to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

We’re providing B.Solar Advisors and B.Solar Installers with health and safety supplies including disinfectants, face covers and gloves.

With technology we’re encouraging shared responsibility with guidance from health experts. We want everyone to be safe.

Using technology to help keep everyone safe

We’re leveraging technology that keeps homeowners, installers and advisor and employees safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Telephone consultation: We understand you may prefer face-to-face communication. But the ongoing pandemic has forced us to ensure most communication is done by phone and email.

Electronic signatures: All agreements and required utility interconnection documents are reviewed and signed electronically.

Aerial imagery: Solar energy system designs and custom plans use high-resolution aerial imagery to reduces the need to take on-site roof photos.

Digital plans: Your custom solar plan with design, system information, savings and approval are delivered digitally. Your documents are automatically stored on our servers so there’s no need to meet in person.

Remote system inspections: Our installation and inspection process ensures high-quality work by capturing pictures of the installation and for remote site inspections and reviews.

Remote system activation: Once systems are installed, we test them to ensure they can harness the maximum energy from the sun for you and your family.

System performance: We can actively monitor your system to spot any issues and guarantee ideal ongoing performance.

Taking extra precautions during home visits and personal interaction

We’ve modified our practices to ensure that we remain 100% compliant with all government health advice and guidelines to keep safe and healthy.

Our installers follow social distancing and health guidelines. All required signatures will be gathered electronically to avoid sharing tablets and mobile phones.

Staying up to date

We’re monitoring information from the relevant authorities. We’re also undertaking the necessary planning and preparation to keep homeowners safe and minimising the rate of infection in the community.

For general updates, check the Australian Government Health Department’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert. It has important information about how to protect yourself, your family and others and what to do if you have any symptoms.


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