No-one knows for how long COVID-19 will disrupt our lives. It’s thrown the entire global business community into turmoil (and some businesses will never recover) and upended consumers lives. Economists agree that Australia’s unemployment rate will skyrocket and social distancing is now a thing.

Working from home is now affecting many thousands of Australians. While this cuts your commute, a welcome relief for many in big cities, it also means you’ll be consuming more power and driving up your power bills.

During times of uncertainty, most consumers want to tighten their spending. Powering your home, though, is an essential requirement so we’ve seen significant interest in solar, largely driven by people looking to trim their costs during this time.

Financing solar is often cheaper than paying your power bill.

Last week we published on our website a number of real customer experiences with solar. On our site, we encouraged consumers to consider solar financing.

Let’s say you’re paying $500 per quarter. (This, by the way, is way less than the average household power bill.)

You install a 6.6kW system on your rooftop and this reduces your old power bill by 60%. (In fact, solar can reduce your existing power bill by up to 80% depending on system size, household usage and other factors).

This means your annual bill was $2000 ($500 x 4 quarters) and now, with solar, it’s dropped to $800.

We often advertise solar systems that are financed for under $20 per week, with zero upfront and your repayments starting after installation.

The annual cost of a solar system financed for a year at $20 per week is $1040.

This means your new power bill, including system repayments, is $1840. You’re $160 ahead. In fact, many households are saving far more than this because their original power bills are higher.

Of course, after the system is paid off, you own it outright, so your savings then become really substantial – plus you’ve added substantially to the value of your home.

COVID-19 might have upended your life for the moment, but don’t let it make power companies richer. Do yourself a favour and invest in yourself and your home instead.

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