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We’re on a mission to help every Australian household to enjoy energy independence through installing their own rooftop solar system. Not only will a solar system slash your ever-increasing coal-fired power bills, it is also better for the planet.
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Insider Secrets Revealed

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In it, we’ve identified the top 10 truths that in our experience consumers need to know when purchasing solar. So, sit back, relax. Here’s a jam-packed, fast lesson in smarter solar shopping. By the end of it, we’re confident you’ll know what you need to know without having to read a thesis on the subject.

Insider Secrets Revealed

Truth #7 – You get what you pay for.

There is an old saying, you get what you pay for. To an extent, this is absolutely true, although solar is very competitive, so you’ll see sharp pricing on high quality solar systems too. So do your research. Only purchase from established retailers so you can be confident your solar investment is secure.

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