August 3, 2021

Financing your solar system

Finance can be an attractive option for solar and energy storage systems, as the energy costs saved from a solar system can often exceed the financing costs.

The one thing we hear time and time again for our B.Solar customers is “I wish I had done this earlier”.

The obvious fact is financing solar pays for your system without you having to withdraw from your savings. You’ll have solar on your roof, pay for it over time, without it costing you anything upfront.

With our industry low interest rates this is often best way to purchase solar system. Yet some hesitate when evaluating the cost over time, but when you consider that solar power is a value creating asset, any cost is likely offset by the gains of the system.

But first, let’s consider…

How do solar systems save me money?

Let’s say your monthly energy bill is currently $500 and you decide to install a B.Solar system. Your system can produce up to 70% of your electricity needs, so after your solar system has been installed your electricity bill should reduce by 70% from $500, down to $150.

That’s $350 less every month from month one onward. We’re going to repeat that, $350 LESS EVERY MONTH!

How does financing solar work and what does it cost?

The $0 deposit, B.Solar 6.66kW Solar System re-payment plans start from $40 a month over 84 months. This cost is for your new fully installed and fully operational Solar System. So your monthly finance re-payment costs ($40), plus your new energy bill ($150) now total $190.

You were paying $500 before, now you’re paying $190 AND you have a solar system on your roof.

Why would I finance solar?

Let’s start with the obvious. Finance is the perfect way to get what you want now and pay for it over time. It’s very likely you already do this in your life. You have a credit card? Your car is purchased on finance, right? A car depreciates in value overtime. A car will cost you money to run, and to maintain. And yet most don’t hesitate to purchase it on a personal loan of up to 10% pa.

Adding solar adds value to your house.

• Homes with Solar power are worth up to $40k more than those without.
• Homes with Solar Power sell 20% faster.
• Installing solar on finance saves you money on your bills.

It’s like the solar system pays you to be on your roof!

You may be ready to install solar or you may be simply researching solar system benefits. Regardless the one thing we hear time and time again for our B.Solar customers is “I wish I had done this earlier”.

So why not book a call to a B.Solar advisor today for a personalised consultation and find out exactly how much you could save by switching to solar.

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