May 27, 2021

When is Ford’s Electric F-150 Lightning coming to Australia?

The electric Ford F-150 is cheaper than nearly all the electric competition.

Overnight charging powers the electric Ford F-150 Lightning for a full day and more.

Ford’s new all-electric F-150 Lightning boasts some remarkable specs.

0 to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, up to 480km between charges, enough onboard power to keep a home running for three days and a huge front boot with multiple power outlets because there’s no internal combustion engine.

But the most remarkable things about Ford’s first electric pickup is the base model price – $US39,974 ($A50,000). After tax credits, the base model of the new all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning pickup will be cheaper than its gas-fuelled sibling. This removes a major barrier for electric vehicle sales.

The electric Ford F-150 is cheaper than nearly all the electric competition. It’s on par with the Tesla Model 3 sedan, the most popular electric vehicle in America, and cheaper than the upcoming Cybertruck pickup by about $10,000. It’s cheaper, by tens of thousands, than the upcoming electric Hummer and the electric pickup from Amazon-funded startup Rivian. It puts other pickups and utes to shame.

After accounting for state and federal tax credits, it costs as little as $US26,974 ($A35,000). This makes it cheaper than the base level gas and hybrid versions. It’ll be even cheaper than some used F-150s. That’s amazing.

The Ford F-150 into a roving power station on wheels.

Ford’s Electric F-150 Lightning is packed with features

Ford kept the price of the electric F-150 down by using existing F-series components, like exterior mirrors and display screens, though its battery, motors, and suspension systems are made specifically for the electric model.

Battery cells are packaged with the ladder frame within a metal exoskeleton, the lithium-ion battery is liquid-cooled.

Scheduled maintenance costs for the F-150 Lightning are 40 percent less than the average scheduled maintenance costs for a petrol-powered F-150 Lightning.

The Ford F-150 can be controlled with a simple smartphone app.

The hood opens with the grille attached. This gives low and easy access to a convenient, lockable space. It’s 100 percent power lock, unlock, open and close at a push of a button through the FordPass app.

Sign documents, open up a laptop or grab a quick lunch. The available interior work surface becomes a go-to office with a work surface taht can fold directly from the centre console. A 4G LTE wireless hotspot keeps you connected. A 15.5-inch portrait touchscreen gives you full information control.

Work, pack up or take a look under the cover at night with enhanced zone lighting. The F-150 Lightning can even light up the entire area around itself at night for added safety and security. All controlled through the FordPass app.

The tailgate work surface is down for any task. Designed with durable composite construction materials, clamp pockets, tailgate tie-downs and an array of other practical details. The flat surface is a perfect space to write, measure and cut. It’s grained to avoid slippage and integrated with functional tools like rulers, a mobile device holder, a cupholder and item storage. And power outlets. Lots of power outlets

The Ford F-150 brings smart technology to the dashboard.

The car industry enters a new electric era

Electric vehicles are less costly to maintain because they have fewer parts. They’re fun to drive, and they’re a critical component in combating climate change.

Cars and light trucks currently contribute about 20 percent of U.S. emissions, more than any other economic activity. Electrify them and we get closer to preventing climate change.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that electric vehicles will reach price parity across the world in the mid-2020s. After that, sales will rise quickly. Electrics will account for the majority of total global annual passenger vehicle sales around 2035.

The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for decades. More than 2,450 Americans buy a new one every day. Soon they’ll be buying more and more all-electric versions.

Delivery in the US is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

In Australia, we can expect delivery in 2023.

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