FoxESS is a new global powerhouse in solar inverter and solar batteries.

FoxESS solar inverters and batteries are engineered to provide optimal power. 

FoxESS was founded in 2019 to advance the solar industry with a range of smart, innovative products offering unrivalled performance and reliability.

B.Solar chose FoxESS as a leading supplier because of their assured access to material supply chains and commitment to expert ongoing research and development.

FoxESS is part of the Tsingshan Holding Group, a global Fortune 500 corporation and the largest producer of stainless steel in the world. The corporation has more than 56,000 employees and annual sales of $50 billion.

World’s largest nickel production facilities

Mining, refining and production facilities. This is critical to FoxESS as nickel is the core metal necessary for the production of lithium-ion solar batteries.

FoxESS is integrating NMC high nickel batteries produced by the Tsingshan subsidiary Ruipu Energy into its Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

State of the art manufacturing

FoxESS is also manufacturing state-of-the-art inverters to best integrate the ESS component into the smart home of the future. Optimising self-consumption and the interaction between the home energy system and the electricity grid.

Australia and Europe are the first markets to access FoxESS inverters and batteries, whether to reduce grid dependency or boost energy independence in the face of rising electricity bills.

Revolutionary technology

FoxESS industry-leading technology created a unique, revolutionary and patented cooling design on F-Series inverters.

This generates 30 percent efficiency increases while lowering operating temperature for better performance.

All-in-one battery

FoxESS comprehensive smart energy range provides high-performance inverter technology and battery storage in one product.

Delivers up to 6kW of continuous charge discharge for clean, continuous power.

Future proof

High-performance FoxESS inverters and batteries are engineered to last with maximum flexibility. Ideal for outdoor installation in Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

FoxESS inverters can be instantly coupled to FoxEss batteries for easy, automatic upgrades.

Advanced monitoring platform

Anytime, anywhere remote monitoring. Monitor B.Solar FoxEss system performance in real-time via a smartphone app or web portal using FoxESS advanced monitoring platform. 

Maximum efficiency, minimum downtime and more energy savings.

Longer warranty and local support

FoxESS inverters and batteries have industry-leading 10 + 2 year warranties to guarantee performance and peace of mind.

An Australian-based support and technical team provide local knowledge, personalised product support and assistance for any warranty claims. 

There’s no wasting time, costly delays or language barriers chasing overseas support.

With FoxESS you have energy for life.

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