B.Solar Savings Guarantee

When you buy a B.Solar System your savings are guaranteed.

If you are eligible, when you buy a B.Solar System, we will guarantee that you will save on your electricity consumption in the first 12 months.

Our industry-leading guaranteed savings are designed with the minimum of fuss to assure you and your family complete satisfaction.

Find out if you can save and join us in moving more Australian homeowners to sustainable energy while enjoying industry-leading savings and high-quality solar panels and solar systems with a quick and easy installation process

How our guaranteed savings works

We will calculate the amount of your guaranteed electricity consumption savings – up to 70 percent with a 5 percent variance – and tell you in writing before you install the system. Savings will be different for different customers, depending on how much electricity you use and where you system is installed on your roof.

Savings are calculated by comparing how much you paid over the last 12 months for energy to how much you paid in the first 12 months after the system was installed. We can make reasonable adjustments so that the comparison is fair.

After your B.Solar System is installed, if it doesn’t deliver the guaranteed savings, we’ll pay the difference. 

Once the system has been installed, we’ll review the price per watt basis as well as your general electricity use. We’ll also check and monitor the system performance for errors.

Savings guarantee eligibility

Eligibility is only for Australian homeowners who have paid for and installed a B.Solar Optimised System designed by a B.Solar Advisor.

Savings are based on a customer’s electricity consumption (also called “usage”) charges only, and not daily supply or other fixed charges. Savings do not take account of any feed-in tariffs received by the customer. If the system is disconnected for reasons outside our control, then the savings will not take account of any electricity consumption while the system is disconnected.

We reserve the right to reject any guaranteed savings requests we believe have been submitted in bad faith. We also reserve the right to reject any requests we believe are based on electricity consumption that exceeds what would be fair and reasonable for an Australian household.

By submitting a guaranteed savings request, you agree that we may contact your energy retailer to validate usage, rates, terms and conditions, and in doing so may have to disclose your name and/or installation street address. Any collection, use or disclosure of your personal information will occur in accordance with our Privacy Policy found at: https://b.solar/privacy.

B.Solar may choose to end this program at any time and without further notice. B.Solar will honour guaranteed savings requests submitted by customers who install a system before the program ends.  Guaranteed savings cannot be assigned to other homeowners and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or incentives.

B.Solar Advisor

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