July 22, 2021

Is the Honda e coming to Australia?

Honda’s first zippy electric hatchback is made for Australian cities.

Honda e electric vehicle driving through city streets.

Honda e is an urban electric vehicle idea for city driving.

Honda’s new zippy electric hatchback is different to everything else on the road.

The slim, compact EV is infused with a 70s retro feel. Chunky, playful proportions and pared-back detailing recall the golden age of hatchback design with a modern twist.

With between 200–220km of range depending on driving conditions, it’s an ideal car for city dwellers.

It’s powered by a 113kW/315Nm electric motor and a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery.

Quality interior

The Honda e has one of the best automotive interiors on the market.

Digital and analogue are paired with fabric seat covers, a totally flat floor with no bulky transmission tunnel and an innate sense of quality.

Honda e electric screen has an aquarium function and digital wing mirrors.

Honda e has multiple screens including digital wing mirrors.

Impressive dashboard screens

A digital display with multiple screens runs the width of the dashboard offering a host of information and technology.

The wing mirrors are digital, with cameras mounted on the doors projecting an image onto separate screens on the dashboard.

An aquarium function turns the dash into a digital fish tank.

Honda e will be brought to Australia by an independent importer.

Honda e will be brought to Australia by an independent importer.

Australian import

While available in Japan and Europe, Honda Australia has decided against bringing the car to Australia.

But local independent importer OZM Auto Group – which specialises in bringing in Japanese market cars – has added the Honda e to its portfolio. It will be priced between $80,000 to $85,000 locally.

A limited number will make their way to Australia under the federal government’s Special Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS).

Honda claims a 0–100km/h time of 8.3 seconds. Moving away from standstill offers a surprising amount of power.

It’s ideal for commuting in and out of cities. Through the suburbs of Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and beyond.

For Canberra drivers, there’s more than enough range for day trips to Jindabyne, Bateman Bay, Ulladulla, Merimbula, Nowra, Kiama and the Southern Highlands.

Trips to Sydney and Newcastle are a breeze following the rapid charging network through Goulburn, Mittagong, Picton and further to the Central Coast.

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