How Solar Works

Solar power systems convert sunlight into electricity that can be easily used and stored.

Rooftop solar panels absorb sunlight (photons) which are sent to a high-quality inverter that converts DC to AC power to power your home.

How do B.Solar panels work?

When sunlight reaches the thin layer of silicon on the top of a B.Solar Panel, it knocks electrons loose from their atoms.

Electrons are negatively charged, which means they are attracted to one side of the silicon cell. This creates DC (Direct Current) electricity that is captured by the wiring in each of the solar panels.

DC means the current runs one way. In order to power your home, it needs to be converted to AC (Alternating Current) power. 

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What do B.Solar Inverters do?

B.Solar Inverters convert DC electricity from sunlight into usable AC electricity for your home.

Once the electricity converts through the inverter, the AC electricity flows to your electric panel and meter.

That AC electricity can be used to power your home, stored for later use or traded back into the electric grid.

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What are B.Solar Optimisers?

B.Solar Optimisers track the performance of each panel individually to generate maximum power.

An optimiser is installed behind solar panels to allow each panel to work more independently of the other panels.

This increases energy output when one panel is in shade and another is in full sun.

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How do B.Solar Batteries work?

Adding a B.Solar battery means you can store excess electricity at home for use when the sun stops shining.

Instead of sending excess power back to the grid, you can install a battery for storage.

In some cases, batteries have their own inverter and offer integrated energy conversion. The higher your battery’s capacity, the more solar energy it can store.

With a battery you’re ready to participate and benefit from emerging energy markets.

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What are solar rebates?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to access government rebates and incentives.

Federal, state and territory governments have different grants, rebates and incentives to make solar power more affordable and mroe accessible to more homeowners.

Government rebates and incentives can contribute to the cost of purchasing and setting up your system, depending on where you live and what programs are available.

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What’s a feed-in tariff?

A feed-in tariff is a payment you receive via your electricity retailer as a credit on your bill for any excess electricity you feed into the grid.

This reduces your electricity bill. Your feed-in tariff is a rate is set per kilowatt hour (kWh) which varies depending on your retailer.

A feed-in tariff helps homeowners ensure any excess solar energy isn’t wasted.

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Trusted advice and guidance

You have different needs than your friends and neighbours. Your B.Solar Advisor will listen carefully to show you how solar can have a positive impact on your home and your life. And our environment.

Your B.Solar Advisor will prepare a custom solar plan to help you take advantage of our industry-leading Tier 1 panels, inverters and batteries. All backed by longer warranties and our exclusive free 1/3/9 yearly checkups. 

Your B.Solar Advisor will secure government rebates and incentives on your behalf to make your solar system as affordable as possible. And arrange all the permits and paperwork. Even working with your energy provider to make your transition to solar quick and easy.

Guaranteed savings

Guaranteed savings can pay for your B.Solar System faster than you think. With feed-in tariffs, it can even make you money and put cash in your pocket. 

You pay the lowest price for leading Tier 1 panels, inverters and batteries. Without any nasty surprises or extra costs on installation day.

It’s never been easier to take control of your electricity bills with brighter, better solar for you and your family.

Clean Energy Council Member and Approved Solar Retailer

As a Clean Energy Council Member and Approved Solar Retailer, B.Solar is committed to a code of conduct for better quality and service.

B.Solar uses Clean Energy Council approved accredited installers that install Clean Energy Council approved products, which are mandatory for homeowners accessing some government rebates.

Authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the code lifts the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and assures a better standard of service in the solar industry.

B.Solar Advisor

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