JinkoSolar panels are top performers.

JinkoSolar produce highly innovative solar panels.

JinkoSolar was founded in 2006.

B.Solar choose JinkoSolar as a leading supplier because of their focus on research and development, quality control and rigorous durability testing.

JinkoSolar panels are reliable and cost-effective. In Australia, their Cheetah range is popular for residential and commercial installations. Because of JinkoSolar’s financial stability and track record, their panels have been utilised in many of Australia’s largest solar farms.

State of the art manufacturing

JinkoSolar’s modern manufacturing facilities across the globe produce world-class products with an unblemished quality record.

Near perfect on-time delivery and heightened service commitment.


JinkoSolar panels are salt mist corrosion-resistant and suitable for coastal installations around Australia.

Maintain optimum performance for panel power output.

Energy gains

JinkoSolar Swan Bifacial Module with transparent backsheet can generate up to 25 percent additional energy gain from the rear-side.

Lighter weight and easier installation save costs.

Clean Energy Council approved

Most JinkoSolar panels are approved by the Clean Energy Council for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, which underscores Australia’s home solar rebate program.

Full warranty

JinkoSolar panels carry a 10-year product warranty.

Because we understand that our customers in Australia value local 

With local Australian-based service centres, JinkoSolar is bringing solar to life.

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