October 8, 2021

Does solar power add value to your home?

Installing solar panels in your home can immediately increase your home's value.

Solar panels on the rooftops of Australian suburban homes increase property appeal and prices.

Solar power adds desirability and value to any property.

Most people are aware that solar panels can drastically reduce electricity bills.

But few realise solar power can actually boost your home’s value as well.

The question is whether the increased property value outweighs what it costs to invest in solar energy?

Solar is a smart investment

Like property owners prepared to invest thousands of dollars in renovating their kitchen or extending their bedroom to include an en-suite, getting solar is proving to be a smart investment for Australian homeowners.

Numerous surveys in recent years have found find that more than 85 percent of Australians believe solar panels add appeal and value to a property.

As demand for green living continues to grow among conscientious Australians, a solar-powered home offers a huge tick for many homebuyers.

The other factor is the increasing cost of traditional electricity. The more expensive our power bills get, the more eagerly Australians start looking for more affordable alternatives. Purchasing a solar-powered home becomes a very enticing prospect.

How much value does solar power add to your home?

The answer to this question ultimately boils down to the size, quantity and output of the solar panels you choose to have installed.

The greater the output of your solar system, the more valuable it is.

If your solar system is producing more electricity than what a typical household consumes, then it can actually earn you profits in the form of Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) and other incentives.

There’s great value in a home that makes its owners money just by contributing excess energy back into the grid.

Whether you’re an owner-occupier or an investor, there are numerous potential benefits to investing in solar energy for your property.

The key is to opt for an expertly designed and well-structured solar system that utilises premium quality panels, batteries, optimisers, inverters and other components from industry-leading brands.

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