B.Solar Advisors

Moving to solar power can be a stressful experience.

There’s a lot of information, a lot of aggressive salespeople pressuring you to buy. It can feel like you’re being pushed around.

Our B.Solar Advisors take a different, kinder approach. They take the time to understand your short-term and long-term energy needs. There’s isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Your B.Solar Advisor will help you make the switch to brighter, better solar as stress-free and easy as possible.

Trusted advice and guidance

You have different needs than your friends and neighbours. Your B.Solar Advisor will listen carefully to show you how solar can have a positive impact on your home and your life. And our environment.

Your B.Solar Advisor will prepare a custom solar plan to help you take advantage of our industry-leading Tier 1 panels, inverters and batteries. All backed by longer warranties and our exclusive free 1/3/9 yearly checkups. 

Your B.Solar Advisor will secure government rebates and incentives on your behalf to make your solar system as affordable as possible. And arrange all the permits and paperwork. Even working with your energy provider to make your transition to solar quick and easy.

Guaranteed savings

Guaranteed savings can pay for your B.Solar System faster than you think. With feed-in tariffs, it can even make you money and put cash in your pocket. 

You pay the lowest price for leading Tier 1 panels, inverters and batteries. Without any nasty surprises or extra costs on installation day.

It’s never been easier to take control of your electricity bills with brighter, better solar for you and your family.

Clean Energy Council Member and Approved Solar Retailer

As a Clean Energy Council Member and Approved Solar Retailer, B.Solar is committed to a code of conduct for better quality and service.

Authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the code lifts the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and assures a better standard of service in the solar industry.

B.Solar Advisor

Like to know how easy it is to switch to solar power? Your B.Solar Advisor can help you learn more. Book phone consultation


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