B.Solar Batteries

An all-new range of single phase all-in-one storage systems. AC and Hybrid options available with 3 high-voltage battery sizes to choose from, all scalable.

Inverters such as our B.Solar FoxESS Inverters turn DC current to usable electricity.

FoxESS AIO Single Phase AC

The stunning all-in-one single-phase storage system from Fox is an advanced battery storage system available in AC-coupled and Hybrid variants. It is contained in one compact and stylish floor mounted unit.

The all-in-one storage solution from Fox doesn’t just look the part, it delivers on power and performance too. The unit contains a high-voltage charge controller able to deliver up to 6kW of continuous charge and discharge. Storage capacity is flexible and scalable to 5.8kWh on the Elite range and 11.6kWh on the Ultra models.

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Performance & Reliability.
All-in-One Battery

Performance & Reliability.
B.Solar FoxESS
All-in-One Battery

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High Efficiency

Charge / discharge efficiency of up to 97%.

Easy Installation

Plug and play installation with built-in fuse protections.

EPS Function

EPS function (for E models only) for off-grid and emergency power.


Expand storage capacity. Up to 4 batteries can be installed in series (Ultra range).

Remote Monitoring

Monitor system remotely using a web portal or smartphone app.

Safety & Security

Enhanced safety features using advanced hardware & software protection.

Superior Efficiency.


All-in-One Battery

Charge Efficiency 97%
Discharge Efficiency 97%

The B.Solar FoxESS All-in-One Battery & Inverters converts & store your solar energy.

FoxESS AIO AC Single Phase Hybrid

Fox inverters are precision engineered to provide maximum performance, efficiency, reliability and longevity.

The quality of components used will directly impact on the lifespan of an inverter, and we only use the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Fox inverters incorporate a unique heat-sink and cooling fin design. It is integrated into the inverter casing to ensure optimal direct contact with heat generating components. We use a star design on the cooling fin, creating a larger surface area and this larger contact surface greatly increases the cooling effect.

Download AIO Data Sheet

Global Leading.
The FoxESS All-in-One Battery

IP65 Rated

Compatible with the latest Fox high-voltage lithium-ion batteries.


Fully optimised for upgrade to the Fox range of battery storage solutions.

High Performance

Engineered to last with maximum flexibility. Suitable for outdoor installation.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your system remotely via smartphone or web portal.

Natural Cooling

Natural cooling, wide temperature tolerance and no noisy internal fans.


Add additional batteries easily, scaling to 11.6kWh on the Ultra range.


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