What you don’t know about solar systems that can cost you thousands of dollars and threaten your energy independence.

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Being armed with knowledge is the best way to start becoming solar-smart.

If you’re serious about saving on escalating electricity bills —and maximising your investment ROI – solar is a great investment. It saves you money over the long term, creates energy independence, keeps the planet clean for future generations and adds significantly to the market value of your home.

Inside these pages, we tackle head-on some of the myths and downright BS. We’ll tell you what to look for, what to ask, and what to expect before you hand over your hard-earned cash to anyone in solar, including us.

When you have basic knowledge about how to assess your solar purchase, you can save yourself hours of stress, headaches and worse – having to replace a poor quality solar system that has failed you or not delivered the ROI you’ve been expecting.