Black solar & battery
storage package

Want to stay energy-independent even when the sun doesn’t shine? Talk to us about battery package options for you. While you’re at it, ask our friendly, expert team about available rebates that make battery buying affordable.

Find security in a system designed for optimal performance across every component from the cell upwards. Our black solar & storage pack is filled with advanced features including German approved (TUV standard) solar panels, SolarEdge hybrid inverter with advanced monitoring system, LG high capacity storage battery, SolarEdge power optimisers and premium European BOS kits.


  • Monocrystalline PERC panels.
  • Smart SolarEdge hybrid inverter.
  • LG high capacity storage battery.
  • Panel level SolarEdge optimisers.
  • Module level monitoring system.
  • Premium BOS kits.
  • Remote monitoring.

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What’s included in our Black solar power package.

Solar Panels:
Link Energy

300 W panels (1690 x 992 mm)
PERC technology for increased efficiency, Self-cleaning, TUV-certified (Germany),
Excellent performance under high temperature or low-light conditions,
self clean glass surface (at min. 10-degree pitch), 25 year performance warranty.

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Hybrid Inverter:
Solar Edge

High-quality hybrid inverter, superior efficiency monitoring of battery status, PV production, remaining backup power & self consumption date supports SolarEdge solution applications. 12 year inverter warranty

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LG Batteries
Premium storage

9.8 kWh storage capacity
Advanced lithium ion solar technology
80% of capacity retention after 10 years
10 year battery warranty

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Solar Optimisers:

Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge inverters for up to 25% more energy. Increase system output with MPPT tracking. Mitigates all types of modules mismatch loss incl. shade issues. SafeDC™ allows for ‘Panel Level’ system shutdown form installs and firefighter safety. 25 year optimiser warranty

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Software Monitoring

Full visibility of your system’s technical & financial performance. Interactive charts & site layout. Data presentation at panel, string & system level. Easy access from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Free for 25 years.

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Premium European
BOS Kits

The balance of system (BOS) encompasses all components of a solar system, other than the solar panels. At we know using premium quality BOS kits helps your solar system maximise its full potential. This includes wiring, switches and mounting systems; AC Isolators, DC Isolators, AC Breakers and MC4s.

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