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B.Solar chose Plenti as a trusted finance partner because of their faster, fairer approach to lending.

Your good credit history is rewarded with better rates ensuring the loan you end up with has been personalised to you in every way.

Flexible loan terms from 3 years to 7 years for loans between $2,001 and $45,000. Use funds to consolidate debt, renovate, travel and more.

With no early repayment fees.

What is a solar panel loan?

A solar panel loan is a form of unsecured personal loan that you can use to invest in a renewable power source for your home.

Solar panel loans allow you to purchase solar panels, pay for their installation, and, if the loan amount is sufficient, invest in related technologies such as home batteries.

Why consider a solar panel loan?

Over the past decade, the popularity of solar panels in Australia has grown consistently. Government figures show that approximately 3.5 million rooftop solar panels were installed by businesses and homes in 2017 alone. By the end of 2018, the number of homes with rooftop panels had hit 2 million.

Solar panels can help homeowners reduce their ecological footprint, but there are more immediate benefits too: according to the Clean Energy Council, homes with rooftop solar panels save an average of $540 per year on their electricity bills.

If you’re looking for a flexible way to invest in solar panels, a personal loan with Plenti will offer you competitive rates, consistent repayments, and, best of all, an affordable way to make your home more sustainable.

How does a solar panel loan work?

A solar panel loan works just like a personal loan. That is, you borrow a specific amount of money and then pay it back with interest over an agreed term.

To qualify for a personal loan, you must submit an application and agree to a credit check that takes into account your borrowing history, employment status, credit score, and other factors.

What are the benefits of a solar panel loan?

Personal loans, including solar panel loans, allow you to enjoy a lower interest rate than you would receive with a credit card and also offer a consistent repayment schedule.

Many personal loans give you the flexibility to make early repayments, allowing you to reduce the length of your loan and minimise the amount you pay in interest.

What can you use a solar panel loan for?

You can use a loan to purchase a range of solar panel products. It’s important to note that not all solar panel products are eligible for a green loan (or government subsidy).

Renewable energy products must meet strict standards of efficiency and performance. To find out if a specific product is eligible, it’s best to consult your green loan provider.

Green loan providers usually work with an approved list of product suppliers, installers, and other contractors. Ordinarily, the approved contractor will carry out work on your property and then submit their invoices directly to the green loan provider. 

This means that you can avoid borrowing any more than you need. Instead, you repay only the cost of the product itself plus interest. Green loans tend to have terms that are comparable to those of personal loans: for example with Plenti, you can pay your green loan back over three to seven years.

We’ll pay funds into your nominated bank account on the next business day following your loan acceptance. This gives you the flexibility to manage and pay for your green costs any way you like.

Are you eligible for a solar panel loan?

Plenti provides unsecured green loans to Australian residents. Save time before applying by making sure:

– You are aged 21 or over

– You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident

– You have a regular source of income that you can demonstrate

– You have a good credit history

To see if you may qualify for a Plenti solar panel loan, you can get a RateEstimate – it only takes 1 minute, and won’t affect your credit score. If you request a RateEstimate, we will ask you a few questions so we can calculate an initial estimate of your borrowing potential, and the rates, fees and charges that may apply to your loan.

In making a final decision, we consider a number of factors, including your credit file as provided to us by Equifax and/or Illion, our credit bureau partners. If you would like more information regarding your credit file, you should contact Equifax and Illion directly.

What do you need to apply?

To apply for a solar panel loan, you will need to complete our identity verification process successfully, as well as considering how suitable a solar panel loan is to your current circumstances.

To complete identity verification you will need to provide one or more of the following documents:

Australian State or Territory-issued drivers licence

Australian or foreign passport

Address verification document such as a utility bill or tenancy agreement

These details can either be entered on our website during the application process and automatically verified online or you can upload or email them to us at [email protected]

When assessing your application, we are looking for evidence of how suitable the loan is to your current circumstances and the purpose for which you require funds. Among other things, we’ll assess your:

  • Employment stability;
  • Income;
  • Expenses;
  • Repayment history;
  • Credit bureau information; and
  • Other details you communicate to us.


Low rate solar panel loans from 6.39%p.a. (comparison rate 10.02%p.a.).

Representative example: Based on $10,000 loan with a 36 month term for a borrower with an excellent credit history at a comparison rate of 6.39% p.a. the estimated total amount payable including all applicable fees is $11,611.

Plenti green loan repayment terms range from a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 7 years. Interest rates start from 6.39% p.a. (comparison rate 10.02% p.a. to 8.55% p.a. based on your term). Rates are subject to change depending on the rates offered by lenders in our Lending Markets. Rates stated as at 1pm, 14 September 2020 and are subject to change. Plenti credit criteria and terms and conditions apply.

Keep up to $75.83^^ in your pocket every month

All credit is subject to approval. Repayments are based on a $4,000 green loan repaid over 84 months through our preferred third-party financing provider, Plenti, for a borrower with an excellent credit history. Rate is current as at 8/10/2020 and is subject to change without notice.

The comparison rate is based on an unsecured green loan of $30,000 repaid over a loan term of 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Plenti’s credit eligibility criteria, terms & conditions, fees & charges apply. Plenti RE Limited ABN 57 166 646 635 holds Australian Credit Licence 449176.

^This scenario is based on a 6.6 kW solar system. Assuming typical electricity bill on an Australian household between 4-5 residents of $2,167.50 p.a, solar savings of 80% are estimated at $1,733.60 p.a or $144.49 per month ($0.20 average value of the solar generated, which could be 10c FiT and 30c usage rate). The estimated total amount payable over a 7-year period including all applicable fees is $5768.

^^After energy bill and finance repayments, this gives actual cash-flow positive of $75.83 per month.

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