Solar isMore
than savings.

It’s what you do with your savings.

Solar isMore than savings. It’s what you do with your savings.

Take advantage of your State Government’s solar rebates and install a solar power system with Sunpay to get guaranteed 70% OFF your energy bill, or B.Solar will pay the difference. If you would like to know more, fill out the form below.

The B.Solar Sunpay program is what you have been waiting for.

Purchase your Solar System through the Sunpay Program and pay it off monthly. Your new bill plus repayments combined are guaranteed* to be less than your current bills thanks to our 70% guarantee reduction on your monthly electricity bill*. Use your savings to pay off the system quicker and keep any remaining savings to do as you please.

Without Sunpay…

Your Yearly Electricity Bill. $1928

Old Total $ 0
Do nothing and keep paying this amount every year.

With Solar through our Sunpay Program …

New Yearly Electricity Bill $578

New Total $ 0

Total expense for the year.

Repayments $146

Saving you $1,204 Every Year!

Solar is more than savings. It’s what you do with your savings.

Solar through Sunpay…

New Bill.


Saving you $1,204
New Total $ 0

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*70% reduction guarantee is based on the first 12 months’ electricity usage following the date of installation, compared to the 12 months immediately prior. This ensures seasonal factors are taken into consideration and allows for a true comparison.

For full details on B.Solar Savings Guarantee visit To learn more about B.Solar financing visit For any specified cost within campaign customer must be eligible for all rebates and incentives within their state. All pricing specified is for a tin roof, single-storey, metro property after relevant solar rebates and incentives.  All finance prices stated are subject to B.Solar’s preferred lenders loan terms & conditions. Interest applies if you do not comply with terms & conditions.

For clear advice on the right solar option for you, contact B.Solar on 1800 932 356.