Imagine your life of the future.
The days of driving to the office have disappeared as increasing numbers of people work from home. No longer are you driving a car that requires petrol to run, instead you’re driving an electric vehicle that is powered by the solar system you have installed on your roof. Even when the sun doesn’t shine, your life is powered by green, clean energy. You’re buying solar power from your neighbour who is part of a virtual power plant rather than relying on the coal-fired power grid.

The truth is that this future is almost here already.

With 1 in every 5 homes already solar-powered, Australia is home to many small, independent energy generators. With virtual power plant (VPP) technology already being trialled in some states, alternative networks are already emerging to the consumer. The savvy solar consumer who has installed battery storage can become an energy trader in their own right.

While residential solar uptake has been in response to escalating household power bills and government incentives, creating an alternative way to transmit and distribute electricity is motivated by aging poles and wire infrastructure.

The challenge for virtual power plant operators is coordinating millions of decentralised household energy generators while protecting energy network security and reliability. They’ve welcomed the challenge – and the VPP looks set to stay.

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