Homeowners worried about their finances in the coronavirus downturn are calling solar retailers in droves, says property website,

In NSW, for example, the number of calls has increased by 1500 percent since the current crisis upended Australians lives and caused households to sharply focus on essentials. This includes paying increased power bills, as residents must stay home where they consume more electricity.

When it comes to solar installation, social distancing happens by default, says Trevinder Gill, B.Solar’s operations head. “As nice as they are, we’ve never had a customer that’s wanted to climb onto the roof to be close to our installers!”

B.Solar is currently running a series of advertisements featuring some of the savings that people experience when they switch over to solar.

“With people’s focus is on saving money so solar is a great investment,” he says. “One of our customers is almost $2000 per year ahead, even when you include system financing repayments.”

For people with high electricity consumption and large roofs, solar is an opportunity to gain energy independence. The domain website cites an example of a Sydneysider that installed a solar system with battery and found his quarterly bills had dropped 92 per cent, from $575 to $45.

In Victoria, Solar Victoria is offering interest-free loan deferral for eligible homeowners for a period of six (6) months as an incentive to keep solar momentum going and to help Victorians save on power bills.

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