Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar is one of the largest and most well-known solar panel brands in the world. Distributing solar products around the globe.

Jinko’s market share in Australia is #1, so you can rest assured you are using a brand trusted by thousands of Aussies.

Cheetah Mono 315-335W

With power up to 410 Wp, Cheetah will maximize your PV system capacity, generating more energy over 25 years and maximizing the customer’s economic returns.

Half-Cell design ensures an improved shading response, resulting in higher yields when the module is partially shaded. Shading loss experienced by half-cell modules is much better than conventional modules in certain shading conditions.

Cheetah ensures reliability by achieving certification at double the industry Anti-PID standard, and double the intensity specified in the IEC standard.


Download Jinko Cheetah Panels Data Sheet

B.Solar Jinko Cheetah Panels
More power generation

Half Cell Technology

Amount of electrical current, By using half-cells, the electrical current flowing in each busbar is halved.

Less Shading Loss

Shading loss of half-cell is much better than normal module in certain shading conditionss

Low Working Temperature

Apple-to-Apple Temperature measured in R&D PV system in Oct.2017, Half-cell module is around ~2 degrees lower.

Half-cell technology

Under the same shadow condition, the power loss of half-cell component is less than that of the full-cell component.

B.Solar Jinko Solar
Half-cell technology

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More Power
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Less Shading Loss


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