September 16, 2021

George and Kelly install solar power in Chelsea

How much will George and Kelly save by getting solar?

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Going solar with a B.Solar System can quickly pay for itself and provide free, ongoing energy.

George booked a phone consultation with B.Solar because he wanted a quick quote for a solar system.

Spending around $1,200 a year on electricity bills along with mortgage repayments and other bills saw George and Kelly search for savings.

As an existing Tango Energy customer, they could take advantage of an exclusive Feed-in Tariff offer only available through B.Solar. Partnering with Tango Energy gave George confidence in B.Solar.

Successfully switching to solar

Family and friends who had successfully switched to solar had given George and Kelly the impetus to consider solar. Their B.Solar Advisor, Kapilan Pugalendran, wanted to ensure they achieved a better return on investment. While electricity bills may be inevitable, why not get those bills as low as possible by using the sun’s energy to generate power.

One of George and Kelly’s initial concerns was panel placement. Avoiding panels in the front of their house in Chelsea was critical. Like many homeowners, George and Kelly didn’t want any panels on the front of their house.

After George sent through a picture of his electrical switchboard to confirm suitability, Kapilan carefully designed a split system that made the most rear and side roof areas to capture as much available sunlight as possible. More solar panels mean more solar power can be generated.

Savings of over 90 percent

George was stunned to find Kapilan was able to fit 20 high-performing solar panels for a high-quality 6.6kW B.Solar System that could slash their electricity bills by around 90 percent. Saving around $1,100 a year, every year.

Kapilan was able to check their availability for federal government Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Victorian government rebates and interest-free loans over the phone. As well as the STCs, George was happy to learn he qualified for both a $1,850 cash rebate and a $1,850 interest-free loan.

George was keen on the rebate but wanted to forgo the interest-free loan. Kapilan explained that the government loan meant monthly repayments of just $38.50 a month over 4 years. There was no need for a loan application, credit check or finance test. Direct debits are made each month and the loan can be repaid in full at any time. Kapilan offered to arrange the government loan on George’s behalf.

Quality high-performance panels

George was interested in the quality of the panels. Kapilan recommended 330W EliTe Solar EliTe Plus Monocrystalline panels. These are among the most efficient panels currently available. Newer split cell technology means superior performance on cloudy or overcast days. They’re self-cleaning and cyclone-graded for the harshest weather. Importantly for George and Kelly the black frames and surface provide a cleaner, sleeker look.

George was concerned about the quality of the inverter. Friends with solar had warned him on the need for a quality inverter.

Kapilan was able to integrate a high-quality FoxESS F5000-5500 W inverter into the system. Its unique heat-sink and cooling fin design mean it requires no fans for silent, long-last operation. Cheaper inverters have fans that quickly break down and cause major system issues and complications.

Industry-leading warranties

Both the inverter and the panels are backed by industry-leading warranties. The panels have a 25-year performance guarantee to assure optimal energy generation. The inverter features a 12-year warranty. A further 10-year warranty covers installation workmanship. Any potential roof damage is completely protected.

After discussion, George decided that the government $1,850 interest-free loan made sense. So Kapilan was happy to include it in George and Kelly’s Custom Solar Plan.

Kapilan produced and emailed George the plan that fully explained the warranties, system specifications, proposed panel layout, savings analysis, bill comparison and pricing.

Because George and Kelly’s B.Solar System was so well designed with high system efficiency, it was capable of producing 8,578 kWh of electricity and cutting their electricity bills by 92%. This reduced their average annual electricity bill from $1,231 to under $100.

Lifetime savings

Yearly savings were estimated to be more than $1,100. Over the 25 year lifetime of the system, total system savings added up to more than $23,000. Based on George and Kelly’s  out of pocket costs, the system payback period was under three years.

$23,000 allows George and Kelly to pay back their mortgage faster, buy a better car, or invest any way they like. Why give power companies $23,000 when you can put that straight in your own pocket?

Kapilan talked George through the plan to ensure everything was clearly understood. Including the Victorian government interest-free loan made the system incredibly affordable.

Plan accepted

George and Kelly were both happy and accepted the plan over the phone. A time was booked with one of the B.Solar office assistants to upload rate’s notice, driver’s license and Medicare card. The office assistants took care of all the paperwork, government submission and grid approval with their existing power company.

George and Kelly were free to get on with their lives while B.Solar covered all the necessary details and booked the installation with our Clean Energy Council accredited B.Solar Installers.

On the day of the installation, the solar app on George’s mobile phone was registered to allow instant remote monitoring and display current system power generation along with daily, weekly and yearly energy production.

Getting solar has never been easier, or more rewarding.

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