October 6, 2021

Rocco and Francesca install solar power in Preston

How much will Rocco and Francesca be saving by getting solar?

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Going solar with a B.Solar System can quickly pay for itself and provide free, ongoing energy.

Rocco was interested to see if solar was suitable for the family home.

Not all homes can make the most of solar power. Roof design and environmental considerations like overhanging trees and shading can make solar unsuitable.

Aesthetics are also an important consideration when designing and installing a solar system. Rocco was concerned that panel placement on the front of the roof would spoil the overall look of the single-story family home in Preston.

Preston solar sustainability

Preston is bustling, thriving suburb in Melbourne that is popular with families and people of all ages and professions. Preston is part of the Darebin City Council which has a proud history of leadership in tackling climate change.

In 2016, Darebin City Council was the first government of any kind in the world – local, state or federal – to declare a climate emergency. Various measures and resources have been introduced for the local community to improve the environment.

Darebin City Council promotes solar power as a sustaina

Exclusive Tango Energy offer

As an existing Tango Energy customer, Rocco was keen to take advantage of an exclusive offer with B.Solar that would make a high-quality solar system even more affordable.

B.Solar Advisor Nathaniel Puglisi wanted to make sure he could design a B.Solar System for Rocco where the solar panels and solar inverter were positioned on the rear of the property and not seen from the street.

Rocco sent through photos of his electricity bill and switchboard. The photo of the electricity bill allowed Nathaniel to better understand energy use and consumption to see what size solar system would be able to deliver greater savings.

A photo of the switchboard allowed Nathaniel to check if the home was solar-ready and Australian standards-compliant. The good news was that Rocco didn’t need any upgrades to his switchboard. Everything was up to standard and ready for installing solar.

High-performing system

By using high-performing solar panels, Nathaniel was able to use available space on the west side of the roof, the north side of the roof and over an extension. North facing areas of the tiled roof allowed for an efficient, high-performing 6.6kW B.Solar System.

Unlike most solar panels that range between 250 watts and 300 watts, Nathaniel selected newer and more efficient 330 watts panels. These better solar panels outperform others on the market and produce more solar power generation with fewer panels. They produce a third more electricity than older panels.

Custom B.Solar Plan

Nathaniel produced a custom B.Solar Plan and shared it with Rocco over the phone.

By emailing Rocco a link, Nathaniel was able to go through the plan page by page covering important information regarding the proposed panel layout, component markings, system details, electricity generation, saving analysis, and purchase price.

The 6.6kW B.Solar System included 20 high-performing monocrystalline panels with a 25-year performance warranty for optimal performance and a high-quality inverter with an extended 10-year warranty.

The system produced annual savings for Rocco and Francesca of over $1,600 with a payback period of just two years. Over the life of the system, total savings added up to more than $36,000.

Government rebates and incentives

Aside from federal government incentives, Rocco and Francesca were also able to take advantage of a $1,850 Victorian state government rebate and a $1,850 Victorian state government interest-free loan.

The special promotion for Tango Energy customers saved them more than $1,600 on the final price.   

The final price included suitable racking for tile installation, tilt kits and split arrays so there was no more to pay on the day of installation. No last-minute surprises.

Rocco decided to purchase with finance because that made it even more affordable with repayments of only around $100 a month. The savings essentially paid for the system.

Sorting out all the paperwork

Nathaniel was able to complete Rocco’s finance application over the phone in minutes.

After the B.Solar Plan was approved, Rocco could rest easy in the knowledge that B.Solar would take care of all the necessary paperwork for rebate submission and grid approval.

Everything was organised within 10 days to allow a quick and easy system installation.

Rocco and Francesca are now basking in free energy every time the sun shines in Preston.

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