Solar Upgrades

If your solar system is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a solar upgrade.

Solar technology and performance have accelerated in the last decade. Demand has increased production and decreased costs.

Panel and component degradation or failure is a common reason for upgrading to a newer, better solar system.

A new solar system can produce and store significantly more electricity.

Upgrade options

the old system and invest in a larger, more effective solar system.

Quality solar systems and especially panels have come down in price significantly. You can now generate more power for less.

While some solar panels may appear incredibly cheap, they’re typically poor quality with substandard performance and short, limited warranties. They’re a bad investment.

Adding capacity

Adding extra solar panels and components to an old system makes financial sense.

More capacity means more solar energy. With rising electricity bills, you may want a larger system with greater capacity to offset price increases.

Adding storage

For most homeowners, smaller solar systems that were common 10 years ago are usually not big enough in kW size to supply a solar battery with sufficient renewable energy.

Smaller systems cannot keep a battery appropriately charged during the day to have the full battery capacity available at night.

Adding a second or new solar system with a hybrid inverter that can charge the battery is the best solution if you want to become energy independent.

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