How the Sunpayguarantee works.

With Sunpay, we guarantee a 70% reduction on your monthly electricity bill*. Use your savings to pay off the system and keep any remaining savings to do as you please.

Monthly savings are just a few clicks away…

Monthly savings are just a few clicks away…


*70% reduction guarantee is based on the first 12 months’ electricity usage following the date of installation, compared to the 12 months immediately prior. This ensures seasonal factors are taken into consideration and allows for a true comparison.

For full details on B.Solar Savings Guarantee click here. To learn more about B.Solar financing click here. For any specified cost within campaign customer must be eligible for all rebates and incentives within their state. All pricing specified is for a tin roof, single-storey, metro property after relevant solar rebates and incentives.  All finance prices stated are subject to B.Solar’s preferred lenders loan terms & conditions. Interest applies if you do not comply with terms & conditions.

For clear advice on the right solar option for you, contact B.Solar on 1800 932 356.

How Sunpay Works

If your electricity bill is more than $150 per month, you qualify for Sunpay. An exciting new way to get solar, with guaranteed savings every month. Simply put, the savings you get pay for system on your roof. So you’ll have to find less money every month than you do now, even as you pay off your system! The offer is exclusive to the B.Solar Sunpay Program. If this sounds interesting click below to talk to a B.Solar Advisor.

Is the Sunpay program right for you?

Custom Installment Plans

Flexible terms from 3 years to 7 years for our solar plans. Pay out anytime you wish with $0 fee.

Guaranteed Savings

After your B.Solar System is installed, if it doesn’t deliver the guaranteed savings, we’ll pay the difference.

$0 Deposit

No Deposit. Nothing to pay upfront. You’ll be using the savings your system generates to pay for the system.

Immediate financial return

If your electricity bill is more than $150 per month, we guarantee you’ll see an reduction in your monthly costs from day 1.

Smarter way to buy solar

Our custom solar plans and expert accredited installations put you and your family first with a quality system designed to maximise savings and energy.

Own your energy

By generating your own energy you are taking control of your situation. In these times have the confidence of lower power bills isn’t a luxury it’s a neccesity!

Peace of mind

Most homeowners worry about rising electricity bills so we create custom solar plans to ensure you never face outrageous bills ever again. Your Sunpay Program will help you take advantage of our industry-leading Tier 1 panels, inverters and batteries. All backed by longer warranties and our exclusive free 1/3/9 yearly checkups. We secure government rebates and incentives on your behalf to make your solar system as affordable as possible. It’s never been easier to take control of your electricity bills with brighter, better solar for you and your family.