Most solar companies will quote for a solar system that has more solar panels than the inverter size. For example, we might quote you for a system with 6.6kW panels, and an inverter that has an output of 5kW.

Why do we do this? Simply put, a 5kW inverter will always output 5kW of AC electricity. Your solar panels, though, naturally fluctuate greatly throughout the day, depending on light, so solar companies add more panels to compensate for this and to ensure you can get close as possible to a reliable 5kW output.

Australian government rebates are based on solar panels, not inverters. To curb everyone’s enthusiasm for adding more and more panels, though, oversizing is restricted to 30% more than the inverter output, which in turn is limited to 5kW by electricity distributors.

Any inverter you buy from B.Solar can handle a total panel capacity that is one-third larger than its own without issues.